About Us

PT. Olivia Indah is a telecommunication company currently concentrating business line on telecommunication facility repair, served mainly on telephone equipment.

Initiated with the desire to make real contribution in the smooth running of Indonesiaís telecommunication industry, PT. Olivia Indah was established in 1993 and has been managed by professionals who are inclusively experienced in their respective field. Since 1999 PT. Olivia Indah has transformed its business focus in to a Repair Facility and Trading Company

Globalization issues have encouraged us to continuously improve our services. Its services coverage widened to all aspects of telecommunication operation, in 2001, when two retired TELKOM executives, Mr. Dadad Kustiwa and Mr. Trisula joined the firm and became the main shareholders. Mr. Dadad Kustiwa had been 12 years as the member of Board of Director of TELKOM and he was responsible for the system operation, while Mr. Trisula previously was the TELKOMíS head of Maintenance Support Division, he was in charged for repairmen for all components of TELKOM production equipments.

As the opening the sector for privatization, PT. Olivia now, serving not only TELKOM but almost all of the telecommunication operators in Indonesia